Talent Spaces – Industries That Are In Need Of Employees

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-20-25-30It might not always be obvious when you are searching for a new job without luck, but many industries are facing talent shortages. According to the Talent Shortage Survey, 40% of global employers are not able to find the right employees to fill their positions. The digital revolution has caused a mismatch between skills and vacancies, and the large majority of jobs need some sort of digital skills (mobile, social, analytical tools, process automation, performance monitoring & analysis etc.). Especially the real technical positions are difficult to fill, across the world there more than one million ICT vacancies. That is a pretty high number for challenging economic times!

Within these IT vacancies, a big talent space in need of employees is the big data area. Studies estimate that only 1/3 of big data vacancies can be filled due to a lack of skilled candidates. And another example is digital marketing, since the talent scarcity is significant in this field as well, the large majority of employees entering in these positions do so without any formal training, they learn on the job.

However, IT is maybe the most well-known but definitely not the only industry facing a lack of talent.

So what are other areas that have most difficulties finding the right employees?

  1. Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, there is a significant lack of talent for various positions: electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, welders etc.

  1. Technicians

Good production, operations and maintenance staff is also scarce.

  1. Production / Machine Operations

Employers have difficulty filling very specialized positions to operate specific machinery.

  1. Engineers

Engineering is another field where there are more jobs than skilled candidates. Mechanical, electrical and civil engineers are in high demand by employers.

  1. Sales staff

The demand for good sales staff is higher than the supply. Sales analysts, executives and advisors are positions where talent scarcity can be observed.

  1. Accounting & Finance

Bookkeepers, financial analysts and certified accountants are also not easy to find for employers. Hence, getting an accounting certification will definitely not hurt your chances at the job market.

  1. Drivers

Specialized drivers are scarce, think about truck, heavy equipment and construction drivers.


What is interesting if you look at this list, is that definitely not all areas are very digital dependent. Although nowadays, many jobs require some degree of digital skills, definitely not all areas experiencing talent scarcity are areas for which you need amazing IT skills. Also in the more traditional areas there is huge job opportunity.

If we look, for example, at the construction industry, which has greatly suffered from the housing crisis, it´s interesting to see that it´s an area with great talent scarcity.  Skilled positions in the manufacturing area are in high demand!

If we look at countries that are facing the highest talent scarcity, Japan is clearly leading. After that, India, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Greece, Australia and Germany still have higher talent scarcity than, for example, the US according to Forbes.

So if you are looking for a new job but haven´t succeeded yet in your current profession, maybe you should think about other areas and see if you can develop yourself further there. There are areas that have very high talent scarcity if you´re willing to invest some time and resources in schooling yourself you might really have a very good shot. Remember, you are never too old to learn something new, and those who adapt change will probably succeed. Take advantage of knowing where talent is needed and see what you need to do to get ahead in those areas.

In which of these areas do you think you can or should develop yourself to get more employable?


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