The Importance Of Leadership For Companies Executives – Set Your Team Up To Excel

For a company and its results, the characteristics and skills of their leaders is of utmost importance. Not only because they are leading the key areas of your business but also because they set the example for their employees. Therefore, a good leader needs to have a wide range of skills from strategic thinking and goal setting skills to negotiation and communication to team building and motivating teams. Besides these skills, great leadership with a mediocre team probably won´t get the desired results so setting up your team to exleadershipcel is of significant importance in order to achieve your objectives.

So how to achieve that your teams are set-up to excel on all levels?

Culture of leadership

Establish a culture of leadership and not only for the leaders with a title. Even at the most junior levels leaders can be found and should be giving the opportunity to shine. In order to get the most potential out of your team, it is crucial to establish a culture of leaders so that also future leaders can excel.

Communicate & Inspire

You can have clear what your objectives are and what you want to achieve, but if you don´t communicate this down and inspire your team to follow you in this journey it will be very difficult to reach them. The skill to clearly explain and describe what you want to get done and also why is extremely important for you to excel as a team.

Honesty & Transparency as key values for the team

If you are honest and transparent about your actions and behavior, this will set the bar for the team. There are way too many leaders that are not transparent with their team, but if your team doesn´t know the real situation or your real motivations how are they supposed to really make a valuable contribution? Besides, you don´t want a dishonest and non-transparent culture in your team. This is very bad for work morale and you will have your team spend way too much time wondering if there´s a hidden agenda or if something is happening they are not aware of.

Trust your team and delegate

Showing your team that you trust them to do a good job is a great way to make the team excel. By not micromanaging your team and giving them the trust that they will achieve their goals, they will also want to live up to that trust and do a good job. If you give your team the feeling that you don´t trust them enough to do well and therefore don´t delegate tasks, this will negatively impact your relationship with the team and also impact working culture. If you want to check every email they send out, how are they ever going to step up and excel in their job? Give them the trust they deserve, delegate tasks and see what miracles this will do for team output. Yes, sometimes you might regret it because things are not as good as you would do it yourself, but make sure to give your team the right feedback and the next time they will deliver better.

Lead by example: commitment

And last but not least, lead by example. If you expect your team to work hard, be sure to be the one that works the hardest. If you promised to do something (whatever it is, organize a Christmas dinner or follow-up with HR on their salary), always keep your promise. If you request your team to deliver great visual presentations, make sure that you also do this. There is no greater motivation to do a good job than seeing that boss gets his or her hands dirty as well.

What are your tips for making your team excel?


Photo credit: nist6dh via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

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