The Secret to Hiring Seasonal Employees to Meet Your Seasonal Demand

Are you looking for a team of seasonal employees to help cover an increase in workload during the summer months? June through August often finds employers with a need for some temporary coverage as many regular employees go on vacation or project work increases. Hiring seasonal employees might seem complicated if you don’t have the right staffing partner at your service, but with the right resources the process is simple. Read on to learn the secret to easy and effective seasonal staffing.

Evaluate your Seasonal Need and Workflow

Before you commit to hiring on temporary workers, it is critical to assess the business need and make sure that specific tasks are set up to quickly hire, train, and benefit from seasonal employees.  This may include identifying work which requires limited ramp up time, and can see results. Make sure that the appropriate training resources and support exists to bring new workers up to speed efficiently. Seasonal workers don’t have a lot of time to learn all the ins and outs of the business prior to being productive, so do what you can to ease their transition. You can do this by minimizing the onboarding cost and identifying quantifiable goals that will set your temporary workers on the path to success.

Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Seasonal Employees

Seasonal employees, like full time employees, often require certain benefits, insurance, workplace and other costs which can add up quickly if not managed carefully. Avoid making the mistake of hiring temporary workers without first understanding the cost and benefit of each hire. Working with an independent contracting firm is one potential solution to keeping overhead costs of a temporary workforce under control as many firm will manage such costs for their client. They are also able to quickly identify and recruit the skilled talent that will most likely thrive within a particular seasonal position. They specialize in providing resources who can learn quickly and hit the ground running which takes much of the burden of hiring temporary workers off their clients.

Recruiting from Your Temporary Staff

While seasonal demands tend to come and go, the experience a temporary worker gains while on contract with a company is invaluable. Hiring from your temporary staff, or at the very least keeping them in mind when project needs grow into more long term staffing requirements, can ease the hiring and recruiting process significantly. Project work is an excellent opportunity to identify key individuals who are fast learners, passionate about the business, are eager to have an impact, and are a good cultural fit for the organization. Often, seasonal employees make for the best full time employees if given the opportunity.

Interested in Hiring Seasonal Staff?

Our team of recruiters are able to fully explain and present the costs and benefits of working with a staffing partner to clients who need a hand boosting their workforce. Call to speak with a BOS Staffing representative today.

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