4 Signs Your Career is Moving Forward

There are a number of indicators that your career is on the up and up. Chief among them is a general feeling of growth and accomplishment. Look for these other signs to tell you that you are on the right track. If it becomes obvious that you have achieved everything you can in your current position and you are actively looking for your next challenge, it might be time to move on to something bigger and better.

Increased Responsibility

One of the most important signs that your career is moving forward is a noted increase in responsibility. If you have mastered the tasks originally assigned to you and are able to take on more difficult or complex assignments, it is clear that your co-workers and managers trust and respect your abilities on the job. Taking on increasing responsibility can be a great way to learn on the job and expand your horizons, but if your job title or compensation is not keeping pace with the increased responsibility, then it is likely time to move on from your current situation.

Increased Confidence

Confidence on the job is something essential to the success of your career. It often takes a certain amount of time to really develop the confidence in your job performance. That confidence can be based on approval received from supervisors and an overall understanding and competence in your daily tasks, but above all else confidence comes from within. To feel confident in your abilities requires an internal understanding of your value in the workplace. If you know your skills and qualifications are needed on the job but aren’t necessarily feeling the same level of appreciation from your co-workers and supervisors, it is possible that your job is no longer a good fit and that you should start looking for the next step in your career path.

Increased Demand

Another sign that your career is moving forward is a noted increase in demand for your assistance or leadership at work. If things are getting more hectic than is perhaps manageable in a balanced work-life situation, it’s likely time for you to you move up a rung on the career ladder. A good way to help balance this demand and facilitate your upward mobility is to actively train and teach your co-workers how to complete the activities you are counted on to complete. Doing so will help show your leadership skills and make it clear that you are ready for your next opportunity.

Increased Passion

If you really care about the work you do, are able to stay self-motivated on a regular basis, and are also able to share that passion with your co-workers, it’s a good sign that you are doing well on the job. That passion can easily be converted into upward mobility. Employers are constantly looking for the type of employees who are eager to put their hearts into their work. Your passion is a key sign that you deserve to move forward in your career.

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