These Mobile Apps Will Make You Less Stressed and More Productive

Mobile applications are as much a part of our smartphones these days as the telephone function. There is an ever growing wealth of apps available to mobile phone users, both free and paid, and a large number of those apps are designed to help you lead a more organized and productive life. Today’s article will review a number of mobile apps that will help you focus, feel less stressed, more organized, and more productive.

Calendar Apps

Depending on your mobile OS, most smartphones come with a built-in calendar app to help you keep track of your appointments and meetings. But there are also a ton of external calendar apps available today which can provide more customizable organization, and even collaboration. If you are looking for some smart calendars to help you stay on track throughout the work day consider Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Mobile Word Processing

If you have ever needed to make a quick change to an important document (like a resume or cover letter) on the go, you are familiar with the frustration of needing to find a computer, print up a new copy of your file, etc. Mobile word processing apps like Google Docs and Microsoft’s Mobile Office are a great way to make quick changes to digital files. They can help you increase your productivity when you’re away from the office.

Cloud Storage

Google Drive is a commonly used and free cloud-based file storage app to give you access to your documents wherever you are. Microsoft has a similar platform called the One Drive which is available across multiple mobile OS. Dropbox is another free option for cloud storage. Even from a mobile phone, these online storage apps help give you quick access to your files, and even the ability to edit them on the go. They are definitely a must have if you want to be more productive when you are away from your computer or office.


If you are working with a team, or need to connect with clients or customers from your phone, consider downloading some helpful collaboration and communication apps such as Google Hangouts or Skype. These audio and video conferencing applications can help you connect with other users easily and for free. The call quality can depend heavily on your internet connection, but if you are in a pinch they are a great way to connect. If your team prefers more text-based communication, but when email simply isn’t quick enough, consider an app like Slack, which can connect a large group of people quickly and efficiently.

Project Management

Trello, Basecamp and Asana are a few project management apps that can help you work through the processes and work streams of even your most complicated projects, on your own or as part of a team. Both have excellent mobile applications and are free to use. They can be a great help to get and keep your projects on track.

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