A Thank You Note Might Not Get You The Job…But it’s Still a Necessary Step in the Interview Process

If you have had the chance to interview for an exciting opportunity, you should make sure to send a well written and thoughtful thank you note shortly after your meeting. This post interview ritual might seem old fashioned, but it’s still a necessary step in the interview process. To forget or not bother with the follow up shows an employer that either you are not that interested in the opportunity, or you are simply too passive to reach out. While a thank you note might not get you the job, a thoughtful one can help you make a good impression and also open up the lines of communication with your interviewer. Here are a few tips to help you land a solid thank you note.

Keep it Simple

A brief emailed or hand-written thank you note is all that is needed to leave an interviewer with a good impression. It’s also a nice way to remind interviewers of their conversation with you and keep your application top of mind. But don’t get too caught up in the details of this note. To be effective, a thank-you note should simply thank the interviewer for their time, and tell them that you enjoyed speaking with them. It can be emailed shortly after the meeting ends, or even pre-written and left with the receptionist as you leave the building.

While simple, the thank you note is an important way to show your professionalism and your gracious personality. Avoid reminding your interviewer to contact you regarding the results of the interview, and consider ending the note with a simple “I hope to see you again soon”. You don’t want to come across as pushy or entitled, but gracious for their time and consideration. You might want to write something personal or specific to remind the interviewer about your conversation and what they liked about you.

Don’t Forget to Thank Your Recruiter

If you are working through a job placement firm, you have a significant resource at your disposal in the follow up process. After sending a simple thank you email to the interviewer, consider thanking your recruiter as well. You should follow up directly with your recruiter to tell them how the interview went, get their feedback, and check in on progress, but it’s also nice to share your appreciation for the work they have put in to helping you find your next job. Think of your recruiter as your job counselor and your best advocate in the interview process. If you would like any feedback on your performance on an interview, they are a great resource. It’s always a good idea to show your appreciation. They’re perception of you can (intentionally or otherwise) influence the hiring managers decision making process more than you might realize.

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