4 Job Seeking New Year Resolutions for 2016

As the end of 2015 quickly approaches, we’re all inspired to set goals and make life-changing resolutions for the year ahead.  If you’re on the market for a new job in 2016, consider making these four resolutions to improve your job search and land an exciting new opportunity.

Update Your Resume

Many New Year’s resolutions are centered around an appreciation for purging, revamping, and directing new energy into our lives.  Use this new energy as an opportunity to enhance your resume and cover letter with a fresh, new perspective. Make sure your resume is up to date and reflective of your past accomplishments and experience.  Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for a new job because your resume is out of date.

Broaden Your Network

It’s no secret that the majority of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections, as opposed to blind submissions on job boards.  Never underestimate the power of networking.  Make a resolution to expand your network in 2016.  Reconnect with former classmates and colleagues, reactivate your membership on networking sites, and update your social networking profiles.  Join your local chapter of national professional organizations in your industry and force yourself to get out there and meet like-minded professionals.  By seeking support from your professional network, friends, and family you’re much more likely to score a new job early in the year.

Be Open-Minded

Many job seekers think too narrowly and limit their job search to find their “ideal” position. Don’t make the mistake of locking yourself only into a certain job title or specific industry. Be open and look for positions that play to your strengths and skill set.  Consider part-time and contract opportunities instead of limiting your search to only full-time employment.  Temporary assignments can help you develop new skills, try things you normally wouldn’t, and make more connections in your industry.  After all, a contract assignment can easily open the door to a full-time position.  Thinking outside the box and being more flexible to new experiences could be the promise that leads you to an exciting new job in 2016.

Set Goals

Nobody ever said job searching was easy.  It can be very time consuming and stressful, especially if you’re trying to do it on top of your full-time job. It’s important to stay positive and not let the stress dampen your spirits. Avoid getting overwhelmed and losing sight of your job search by setting daily, weekly, and monthly job search goals.  Decide how much time you want to spend on your job search and stick to that routine until you land a new opportunity.  Mark the date of which you’d like to be in a new job on the calendar to keep sight of that goal and have something to work towards.  Make sure to celebrate any milestones in your job search, no matter how miniscule it may seem. If you stay positive and have a plan of action, you’ll be much more successful in your job search.

It’s never too early to start your 2016 job search. These last few weeks of the year are filled with holiday parties and happy hours for your family, friends, businesses, and volunteer groups.  Use this time to network and you could land yourself a new job to celebrate about in the New Year.

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