How to Beat Winter Blues in the Workplace

As the temperature turns to a chill and daylight savings time is a few weeks behind us, the winter months have started to set in.  For many people, this can be a very trying time in the workplace.  Days are shorter, temperatures lower, and work begins to feel more like work as you rush to finish up the year on a positive note. Your mood quickly sours from the gloomy weather and the stress.  Here are four tips to help you beat the blues this winter.

Warm Up Your Day With A Workout

It’s no secret that a little exercise is known to boost feel-good chemicals in the brain and helps reduce the stress that triggers the blues. In fact, 70 percent of the most successful business leaders start every morning by exercising.  And all but one percent exercise at some point during the day.  Kick-starting your day with just a few minutes of jogging or a yoga class will help kick those winter blues to the curb.

Talk To Your Boss About Flexible Scheduling

Many organizations implement “winter flexible working” hours by allowing staff to either work additional hours in the morning and leave early or additional hours in the evening and come in later so that they are able to take better advantage of the shorter daylight hours.  Talk to your boss and see if that’s an option for your company.  If not, consider using your vacation to tap the power of the three-day weekend. If you dread snowy Mondays, use your PTO to turn every other week into an abbreviated one. Shorter workweeks now may do more for your spirits than a slightly longer vacation in the summer months.

Brighten Up Your Space

During the winter months, you have less exposure to the natural daylight in the office place.  Working in the dark or under florescent lighting can put a damper on anyone’s mood.  Invest in LED lights for your workspace that increase Vitamin D exposure.  These “happy lights” will brighten up both your workspace and your spirits as they provide a more natural setting.  Take it a step further and add fresh flowers or plants to your workspace to create a happy, inviting environment.  On sunny winter days, the sunshine can literally beam through a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. 

Organize A Potluck

When the weather is glum, your colleagues are less likely to leave for lunch.  Eating lunch at your desk day after day can be depressing and makes the week drag on forever.  Organize a potluck lunch and invite your coworkers to bring their favorite comfort food.  It’s a great excuse to get people away from their desk and sharing a meal is an opportunity to bond as a team.  Share stories about how this dish became your favorite comfort food and trade recipes.

Create A Fun Competition

Creating buzz around an upcoming event can add some excitement to the workplace.  Is there a local charity your office sponsors?  Organize a canned food or coat drive to increase morale by giving back this season.  Make it a competition between departments to see who can bring in the most donations.  There’s nothing like a friendly competition to help boost people’s energy.

Is it your current workplace that’s causing the blues?

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