5 Tips for Boosting Innovation Within Your Team

Innovation is what breeds new services, business processes, means of communication, and methods of collaboration.  An organization’s success in the marketplace is often determined by its ability to innovate.  As a manager, it’s your job to foster innovation amongst your team by making sure your employees are collaborating intelligently and productively. Here are five ways to boost innovation within your workplace.

Develop a creative process.

Many people have a misconstrued perception that innovation just happens.  However, it’s a blend of both creativity and structure that fosters new ideas.  If you have a disciplined approach and process, it allows you to take an more organized approach to creativity.

Look outside your industry.

Sometimes the best place to find new ideas is to look outside your own field.  Observing how other industries are dealing with similar challenges or implementing processes can give you a fresh perspective and lead to innovative ideas for your own field.

Create a fear of complacency.

When work routines become too repetitive complacency settles in.  The most innovative companies are terrified of routine and are always looking for ways to reinvent the wheel. No matter how great your current products or services are, encourage your team to consistently be thinking of ways to make them even better.

Diversify your team.

Innovation is as simple as putting together a strong team. Instead of pulling together a team with similar people, put together a team with different passions, backgrounds, and abilities. Encourage collaboration among employees that don’t typically work together in order to challenge the status quo.  Form teams of individuals with different backgrounds, passions, and talents. Doing so will generate more diverse ideas and problem-solving approaches.

Hire people who love what they do.

Innovation starts with hiring.  You need employees who really care about your company and believe in the product.  Look for candidates that are aligned with your vision and fit in with your culture.  By hiring employees that are passionate about their work, you’re adding people who are beneficial to the company and want to improve your bottom line.

Looking for creative individuals to help fill your job openings? 

Let the experienced recruiters at BOS Staffing help.  For more than 35 years we have helped clients throughout Northeast Georgia and nationwide complete work cost-effectively, hire smarter, and manage their workforces more efficiently. Contact us today to start recruiting innovative employees for your open positions.



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