Summer Team Building Ideas to Help Grow Your Company Culture

School is out, the weather is heating up, and the dog days of summer will quickly be upon us.  If you notice a drop in productivity as employees start daydreaming about their summer vacations, it may be time to rally up some team building activities in order to keep employees motivated.  Here are a few team-building activities to help improve your company culture over the next few months.

Get active.

Healthy employees contribute to a more productive workplace and the summer is the perfect time to start being more active.  Activities such as a group boot camp in the morning or lunchtime yoga sessions are great team-building opportunities.  Organizing a weekly 5K run/walk at the end of the workday or joining a local sports league are also great ways to bond as an organization.  A company sponsored kickball, softball, or bowling team is a fun way to bond while competing against other teams in the community.  Incentivize employees to join recreational sports leagues.  As an added bonus you’ll get community exposure and positive notoriety for your organization.

Volunteer in the community.

Use this summer to give back to the community and donate to the causes you care about most.  Research shows that participating in volunteer activities outside the office can help employees recover from workplace stress and re-engage.  The nice, warm weather makes volunteering even that much more enjoyable.  Volunteering can also help build leadership abilities in ways that extend beyond what teams can learn in professional training seminars.

Organize team lunches.

From applauding a team milestone to celebrating an employee’s birthday, sharing a meal is a great way to emphasize team building in a social situation.  Hold a team potluck once a month or simply encourage your team to take a coffee break together once or twice a week.

Go on a field trip. 

Does spending your summer sitting in a cold, dark office staring at a computer screen for eight or nine hours a day sound fun to you?  It doesn’t to your employees either.  One or two times a month; get employees out of the office by implementing Field Trip Fridays.  Organize a lunchtime outing to a nearby museum, nature center, or a landmark relative to your industry.  This is an excellent opportunity for your team to share new learning experiences outside of the office.  Continuing education is a key ingredient to a successful culture.

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