Looking for Summer Employment? Start Searching Sooner than Later

With parts of the country still being hit by snowstorms, it’s hard to imagine that summer is just around the corner.  As the weather gets warmer, tens of thousands of people will begin to look for summer jobs.  Slacking on your job search and putting if off as long as possible will likely mean missing out on summer opportunities that more proactive job seekers are capitalizing on now.  Here are the most important reasons to consider starting your summer job search today.

You’ll have more options.

Waiting too close to summer to begin your job search leaves you running around applying to anywhere and everywhere that has a now hiring sign in the window The earlier you begin job searching, the more you can focus only on the companies where you really want to work.  Are you looking for experience in a certain industry? Do you want to work in a specific location? Make a list of your ideal summer workplaces and start contacting them now.

Many deadlines are quickly approaching.

Government, industry, and employer summer job programs often have early application deadlines.  In fact for some corporate internship type programs, the deadlines may have already passed.  Start researching before May to avoid missing other deadlines.  Visit federal and municipal government websites to see what summer programs are offered.  If you’re looking for a summer camp job, many camps begin hiring staff early in the year to ensure they get the top people and are able to train them before camp begins.

You’ll appear more ambitious.

Employers respect job candidates who know how to plan and prepare.  Reaching early in the year shows employers that you are eager to work for their company, not just any company.  Now is the time to ensure your resume is up-to-date and your cover letter is polished. Use your cover letter to communicate your willingness to learn, spectacular work ethic, and past experience.  Employers look for these traits in a potential summer hire. 

You’ll be a step ahead of the competition.

Several employers, especially in the retail industry, use a “first come, first serve” approach to seasonal hiring.  Once their hiring quotas are met, they are done with their summer hiring.  Many of your peers are currently focused c on Spring Break or mid-term exams.  Use this to your advantage and create a plan to tackle the job search now.  You’ll have a much better chance of landing a job before everyone else starts applying.

Looking for an exciting summer job opportunity?

Enlist the help an experienced recruiter from BOS Staffing.  For more than 35 years we have gone out of our way to match our candidates with jobs that really suit them in Northeast Georgia and beyond.  Why not work with the staffing firm that’s helped hundreds of candidates like you? Contact us today to start searching for your summer job.

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