4 Little Ways to Make a Big Impression During Your Interview

You’ve been invited to interview for a position you really want, but know you’re up against multiple candidates.  Differentiating yourself from the other applicants will be your key to securing the job.  Here are four simple ways to make a big impression and win the vote of your interviewer.

Prepare a strategy.

Before you walk into the interview or pick up the phone, decide on two or three messages that you want to convey to the interviewer.  These messages should make connections between your current experience and what is needed to succeed in the role you are interviewing for.  Formulate the key points as stories in answers to common interview questions.  Studies have shown that people buy into stories and are more likely to remember them over hard evidence and data.

Dress well.

The first four-to-seven seconds of meeting your interviewer are the most important.  How you dress, groom yourself, etc. will be judged.  Make sure you wear proper interview attire and look well put together.  Even though they would never admit it, how your appearance rates against the other candidates will play in to their hiring decision.  Don’t be remembered as the guy who looked sloppy or the girl whose shirt was too tight.

Maintain eye contact.

Eye contact during the job interview is extremely important. Consistent eye contact shows the interviewer that you are interested in not only the questions they’re asking, but in the position and company.  Even if you’re nervous, avoid frequently looking down or away, as this shows lack of confidence or disinterest in the conversation. Because most of us rely on the visual sense, a healthy amount of eye contact shows confidence and will impress the employer.

Ask about next steps.

Many candidates make the mistake of coming across as not interested by failing to ask about the next steps in the hiring process before they leave the interview.  When the interview is over, reiterate that you’re highly interested in the position and ask what the next steps are in the process and if there is anything else you could provide them that would be helpful.  It’s also important to non presumptuously ask if there’s a certain time frame that you should expect to hear back and who you can follow up with if you have any questions.  By doing so, you’ll give off the impression that you’re excited and eager about the potential opportunity.

Remember to speak with passion and conviction.  Capturing the energy for your passion will transform almost anyone you interview with.  The candidate the employer likes the most likely won’t be the one with the best technical qualifications, but the one who displayed the energy they’d bring the role.

Ready to put your interview skills to the test?  Let the experienced recruiters at BOS Staffing help.  For more than 35 years we have helped candidates throughout Northeast Georgia and nationwide secure great positions at top-notch organizations.  Contact us today to put your job search on the fast track.

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