Does Your Team Chemistry Encourage Creativity?

Everyday, managers undergo the challenge of being successful leaders who get the most out of their team.  Having a cohesive, innovative team can increase quality, productivity, and the overall success of the organization.  When a team is loaded with creative individuals, the challenge lies in keeping them focused and performing at their best.  When working with a team with average creative talent, a manager has to lead the team to believe in themselves and overachieve.  According to researcher Yuri Martens, the success of today’s brands is progressively dependent on its ability to be creative.  This means stimulating team creativity should be management’s top focus.  Here are a few steps for generating team cohesion and innovation in your workplace.

Generate Enthusiasm

Creativity begins with passion.  It’s no secret that the more excited you are, the more apt you are to be motivated and work harder.  Regularly share your vision and goals for the team and get employees fired up about them.  Research shows that managers who show positive enthusiasm foster superior team energy.

Create Better Workspace

Mundane color schemes and rows of cubicles are damaging to team creativity.  Cubicles foster a lack of constant human interaction that hinders innovative thinking and create a systematic process of normalcy.  Recreate your office space so that there are less private workspaces and more central meeting locations.  Breaking up the daily routine will encourage more consistent collaboration, and inspire more innovation.  Have designated play areas for brainstorming sessions.

Diversify Teams

Often times, teams are built of similar individuals who have a lot in common and work well together.  However, in order to foster creativity, you have to be willing to challenge the status quo.  How can new ideas be formed if everyone thinks in a similar manner? Encourage collaboration among employees that don’t typically work together.   Form teams of individuals with different backgrounds, passions, and talents. Doing so will generate more diverse ideas and problem-solving approaches. Embrace the individuality of each team member.

Get Out of the Office

When work routines are too repetitive complacency settles in.  Be flexible with scheduling and allow employees to work remotely when possible.  Schedule “lunch and learns” or visits to a local museum for out of office brainstorm sessions.

Hire for Culture

Building an innovative team begins with the hiring process.  Look for candidates that are aligned with your vision and fit in with your culture.  Hire employees that are passionate and enthusiastic about their work.  You want employees who will care about your organization as much as you do.

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