Tips For Working With A Recruiter

BOS Staffing recruits for a wide variety of companies in the Athens and Gainesville Georgia markets as well as other parts of the country. The job of the Recruiter is to find the best qualified candidates that fit the specific circumstances of our clients’ openings, move them through the interviewing process and hopefully get them hired. We work for the hiring company and as such you, the job seeker, do not pay any fees.

A few key pieces of advice can make this a smoother process for you:

  • Update your resume. The better it portrays your abilities, the easier it will be for the recruiter to connect you to opportunities and pitch you to our clients.
  • Return phone calls & emails promptly. We understand that job seekers are busy people, but if you are not responsive to their calls, they will move on. Our clients expect us to present candidates and schedule interviews promptly. If the recruiter doesn’t hear back from you, they will assume you are not interested. Also, its ok to say that you are interested in specific positions, but calling or emailing repeatedly appears to be desperation which is a negative.
  • Often there is a lot of “hurry up and wait.” Our clients work on their timelines. When they are ready to move, things happen fast. When their boss throws a different deadline in front of them, our process slows down. Be patient.
  • Always be honest. If a recruiter pitches a job to you that doesn’t sound like a match, don’t waste their time. You won’t be able to change the position during the interview process so don’t try. If you are honest up front, then you’ll be more likely to get called for later opportunities. Once you waste their time, you won’t get another opportunity.
  • Trust Your Recruiter! They hate to let people down, but recruiters are working with the clients on their positions and they know more about their specific need than you do. They may not call you for every position that you think you are qualified for. Our clients don’t always give detailed feedback on why each candidate was not selected, so don’t push it. It may be that there just happened to be someone more qualified than you.
  • Also, be courteous when they call to let you down, it will go a lot further toward getting you another opportunity than being ugly about it.

The staffing and recruiting industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country right now. More and more companies are utilizing recruiters to fill their open positions. Respect the process and you will find the ideal position before you know it.

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