4 Transferable Job Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

In a competitive job market it takes more than an education and the proper skill set to stand out from the competition.  Now more than ever, employers are looking for dynamic employees who are capable of wearing many hats—people who interact well with others, are critical thinkers, and creative.  In other words, they’re looking for candidates with transferable skills—talents and abilities that are developed over time throughout jobs, athletics, internships, coursework, volunteering, and hobbies.  Transferable skills complement your knowledge, making you a more competitive job applicant.

Here are four of the most sought after transferable skills you may not have realized you have.

Communication Skills

When you raise your hand to answer a question or participate in a group presentation, you’re communicating.  When you order a drink at the local coffee shop or give a stranger on the street directions, you’re communicating.  Communication, arguably the most important skill in any job, is simply your ability to express yourself effectively, present your ideas in a coherent manner, and demonstrate professionalism in your interactions.  Show a potential employer your ability to convey your thoughts and ideas, listen, and respond to others.  They’re looking for candidates with good written and oral communication skills, since these skills are vital in nearly every position.

Time Management Skills

Employees that are able to manage time wisely are essential to employers.  When an organization invests in a new hire, they want to know that they’re getting their monies worth, without having to micromanage all of the time.   Effective time management means being able to stay organized, work efficiently, and get things done on time.  From school projects to cleaning house before a guest comes over, you’ve likely managed your time to deadlines in the past.  Use some of the more relevant examples to show employers how you’re on top of the game.

Analytical Skills

Employers want candidates who are problem-solvers due to the fact that most companies generate revenue by offering a product or service that solves a problem for their customers.  Analytical skills are used to get rid of a problem by providing solutions, evaluating risk, and testing solutions.  Employees with good analytical skills persevere through an issue until they find the correct solution.

If you are human, you’ve acquired problem-solving skills at some point in your life.  There has been a time when something has gotten in the way of your goals, and you figured out what needed to solve the problem.   Problem-solving skills require, determination and sense—all qualities employers want in the people they hire.

Teamwork Skills

The most stuffy office environments are those where teamwork is not part of the culture.  Having great teamwork skills means possessing the ability to work well with others.  You listen to others and carry your weight when it comes to sharing the workload.  From a school project to a volunteer activity, everyone has been part of a team.  Show employers how you demonstrated respect for other team members and helped achieve a common goal.

Ready to put your transferable skills towards an exciting new career opportunity?

Let the experienced recruiters at BOS Staffing help.  At BOS, we guide job seekers through every step of the hiring process, from application to offer, and help them access the hidden job market.  Contact us today and we’ll work together to find you a job that’s the perfect fit.

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