Key Qualities of Great Leaders

In order to thrive in a management position, studying and understanding the qualities that all good leaders share is a top priority.  While you may have ended up in your current role because you naturally possess qualities and characteristics necessary for success, acquainting yourself with good leadership traits will help you to improve your weaknesses and develop a stronger management style.

Here are four key qualities a great leader must possess.


Toady’s employees care more about meaning and impact of their work than any generations past.  They are not satisfied with working a nine-to-five job and punching the clock every day.  Therefore, it’s imperative to provide a clear narrative about the vision of the organization.  Employees are key stakeholders in your organization, and you want them to follow you. The more employees understand how their role fits into the larger plan of the company, the more valued they feel and productive they are.


As their leader, your employees rely on you to make quick, logical, and correct decisions. Some leaders have a set process, while others act on a spur of the moment.  The more you’re involved and understand the scope of day-to-day workload in your office, the quicker you’ll be able to make decisions. recommends using the Q-Cat method of decision-making:

  • Q = Quick. Be quick but not hasty.
  • C = Committed. Be committed to your decision but not rigid.
  • A = Analytical. Be analytical, but don’t over-analyze
  • T = Thoughtful. Be thoughtful about all concerned, but don’t be obsessive.


Do you show so much excitement about the work you’re doing that your attitude is infectious?   Great leaders light a fire in employees’ bellies and get everyone else just as engaged as they are. Think of all the great leaders in history, and try to name one that wasn’t passionate.  If you don’t have passion, you can’t motivate employees to get on board with your vision.

Team Building

Great leaders know how to motivate employees without pitting them against each other in a competitive environment.  Encouraging employees to work together results in higher productivity and better office morale.  In order to build a great team, you have to be able to hand off responsibility and let your team run with it.  Don’t breathe down their necks, but instead give them space to make smart decisions.

If you’re willing to put in a little extra effort to become a great leader, you’ll be much more effective at managing your employees.   Effective management begins with hiring the right people – at just the right time.  Let the experienced recruiters at BOS Staffing help with your staffing needs.  Contact us today to see how we can help.


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