Become a Leader in Your Office with these Tips

When starting a new job, it’s easy to blend in and become another face in the crowd.  You feel like you occupy a low spot in the office hierarchy and are too shy to exercise the qualities needed in a leadership role.  However, with the right attitude and a little effort, any professional can set themselves apart from coworkers and become a recognized leader in the workplace.

Here are a few tips to stand out and get noticed for your leadership qualities.

Give 120 percent effort.

Being a leader doesn’t mean showing up on time everyday and doing the bare minimum.  In order to stand out as a leader, you have to be willing to show up early, work hard, and stay late. You have to put in the extra hours required to reach your full potential.  Pour out your thoughts and ideas.  Give every project your all. The more ideas you put in, the more input and recognition you’ll get back.  You have to show others that you’re there to succeed.

Own your work.

Many employees fail to advance up the ladder because they are quick to point fingers. Remember, everyone is human and make mistakes.  If you’re working on a project and something goes wrong, own up to the mistake, take the blame, and move on.  Being able to admit your mistakes and learn from them is a leadership quality that will set you apart from your coworkers that are always looking for a place to lay the blame.

Be positive.

People in a workplace tend to gravitate towards team members that have a positive energy.  Therefore, it’s important to avoid the office complaining sessions and stay out of the rumor mill. By doing so, you’ll gain respect from your coworkers, as well as your managers.  The power of positive energy can greatly improve the mood of those around you.

Seek out opportunities to lead.

Offer to help out on projects other than those that have been assigned to you in order to gain more experience.  By doing so, you’ll discover abilities and improve on your weaknesses.  If a formal leader is absent from the workplace, take the opportunity to step up and lead. When your skills are relevant to a situation, speak up and offer your expertise.  The more responsibility you take on (without overloading yourself), the quicker your managers will see your ability to handle projects successfully and be a leader.

Ask for feedback.

Too many employees shy away from feedback and take criticism too personally.   Instead be open to criticism and constructive feedback.  Even though it may be hard to accept negative feedback from others, their suggestions and ideas are essential to your career growth. Feedback allows you to identify weaknesses and come up with a better plan. Regular feedback will give you the fuel you need for new ideas and perspective.

Are you looking for and exciting new opportunity to develop yourself as a leader?

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