Peer-to-Peer Team Building to Boost Productivity

Have you noticed that the spirit of holiday vacation is the only spirit in your office?  Does the morale seem even more down in the dumps than usual?  It may be time to rally up some good old fashioned team building activities in order to get the collaborative juices flowing again.  While team building activities are usually planned by upper management, peer-to-peer recognition and team building is a great way for your workplace to continue to succeed.

4 Employee Driven Opportunities to Bond with Your

Colleagues & Develop Stronger Workplace Relationships

Shared Lunches.

From applauding a team milestone to celebrating a colleague’s birthday, sharing a meal is a great way to get to know your coworkers in a social situation.  Organize a team potluck once a month or take a coffee break together once a week.  Breaking bread together is an excellent way to team-build while unwinding from work.


Take the initiative to coordinate team volunteer opportunities.  Volunteer opportunities are a wonderful way to bond as team while giving back to the community and promoting the causes you care about most.  Research shows that participating in volunteer activities outside the office can help employees recover from workplace stress and become re-energized.  Volunteering can also help build leadership abilities in ways that extend beyond what teams can learn in professional development seminars.

Sports and Fitness.

Healthy employees contribute to workplace productivity.  Activities such as lunchtime yoga classes or a group boot camp in the afternoon offer team-building opportunities.  Organize a weekly 5K run/walk at the end of the workday or join a local sports league.  A company sponsored kickball, softball, or bowling team is a fun way to bond while competing against other teams in the community.  Many organizations will pay for employees to join recreational sports leagues as they offer community exposure and positive notoriety for the company.

Field Trips.

Getting out of the office to visit a museum, nature center, or a landmark relative to your industry provides an excellent opportunity for the team to share new learning experiences outside of the work environment.  What you learn on these off-site adventures can give you a new perspective on how to implement better processes in your own workplace.  A successful team never stops learning.

When you seize the opportunities to build team camaraderie, you’ll help improve workplace communication and morale.  A team that gets along and has fun with each other outside the office, will be more collaborative and productive inside the office.

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