Avoid Mid-Career Meltdown with These 3 Tips!

When you’ve been in the same job or career field for multiple years, often times your work becomes routine, and it’s easy to get bored.  A job that you were once excited to wake up every morning for is no longer challenging, and you don’t feel very passionate about it.  This sour attitude can lead to a mid-career meltdown as you realize your career isn’t all that you dreamt it would be. While your Uncle Jerry boasts about how much happier he is after choosing a new career path, making a drastic change isn’t the best situation for everyone.  After all, you’ve worked very hard to reach this point in your career, and you’re not ready to throw that all away.  Instead, use the below tips to reduce the risk of a mid-career meltdown and rebuild your enthusiasm for your job.

  1. Never Stop Learning.
    One of the top reasons employees report for leaving their job is boredom.  In other words, they crave something new and challenging and don’t put the effort into finding that in their most recent role.  In today’s workplace, there is simply no limit on what there is to learn.  In order to stay passionate about your job, you must make it a point to stay on the cutting edge of your industry.  Whether it’s taking an online course, doing additional training, or going back to get your masters, there are a variety of ways to increase your education and boost your brainpower.  Maybe you don’t need to change your career completely, but find an area of your work to specialize in that drives your passion.
  2. Start Networking with Like-Minded Professionals.
    There are situations about your job that only other professionals in your field understand.  You try to talk about these things with friends and family, but they just can’t relate.  Your brother, a computer programmer, doesn’t know how to sympathize with dealing with sick patients at the hospital all day.  That’s why it is essential to build a network of other professionals in your field.  You’ll be able to support each other through good times and bad and compare notes on how processes work is your organizations.  A great way to start building your network is through online communities like LinkedIn or joining a local chapter of a professional organization for your occupation.
  3. Pick an Area to Improve In.
    The first step to becoming happier with your job is identifying the elephant in the room.  Pinpoint an area that’s a weak spot in your job and make a conscious effort to improve it.  Just going along with the status quo when you know there’s a better way is a one-way ticket on the fast track to mid-career meltdown.  Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to improve your entire department, make an effort with your immediate team.  The results will be positive for your career. Should a leadership opportunity arise, you will likely be considered do to your proactive approach and positive changes. 


You’ve heard the saying, “If you don’t like it, change it” and that fully applies to the direction of your professional life.  The bottom line is that a negative attitude and frequent meltdowns will only hurt your career.  It’s up to you to take the above steps to change your attitude and reduce the risk of meltdowns.


If you do find yourself stuck in a job that isn’t improving, let the experienced recruiters at BOS Staffing help.  With more than 35 years of experience, we know that not every job is the right fit for every person. We won’t rush you into a job that’s not quite right. We’ll work together until we find just the right match.  Contact our team of skilled recruiters today for access to the hidden job market.

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