3 Ways to Leave a Positive Impression During a Meeting

In corporate America, most employees spend at least 5.6 hours a work week in meetings.  Though meetings can often seem boring and draining to your productivity, they also serve as an opportunity to shine in front of your managers and colleagues.  Being in a meeting is much like being in a job interview, except you are being evaluated for your next project or promotion.  If you plan strategically, you can earn respect and leave a positive impression during a meeting.

3 Tips to Help You Get Noticed
During Your Next Company Meeting


  1. Show up overly prepared.
    In order to get the most out of a meeting, you need to adequately prepare for it.  If you aren’t prepared for an important meeting, you’ll come across as someone that’s not interested in your colleagues’ time.  Spend a few moments a day or two before the meeting gathering all your thoughts.  Write out key points to discuss and any goals or decisions that need to be met.  By doing this, you’ll be more aware when the conversation starts to go off topic, and can be the person that helps steer the conversation back in the right direction.  If the meeting leader doesn’t send out an agenda with the meeting invite, ask if they can send one out so that everyone can come prepared.  Clear communication is the first step towards efficiency and a positive meeting outcome.
  1. Convey your ideas with passion!
    If you have something important to say during the meeting, don’t be afraid to speak up.  Share your opinions and ideas while showing that you are passionate about the work.  Both colleagues and clients will appreciate you more and trust your input when they see you actually care about the work at hand.  If you communicate with passion and believe in what you’re suggesting, you will earn the respect of others and managers will remember you when it comes time to make promotions. 
  1. Take action.
    How many times have you been in a meeting where someone throws out a suggestion and everyone agrees that it’s a great idea?  Then, come two weeks later, everyone forgot about the task and it was never carried out.  If there’s a project like this that is within your skill set, take it upon yourself to see it through.  Be the leader and create a plan of action.  Take the initiative to act upon the idea whether it was presented by your or another meeting attendee. This will show others that you are responsible enough to hold yourself and others accountable in order for the task to be completed.

The impression you make during meetings can be your manager’s deciding factor on which direction your career should go. Walk into every meeting prepared with confidence, and the belief that your ideas and passion will leave a lasting impression.

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