4 Workplace Policies Every Office Needs!

Having effective policies creates order and encourages higher morale within the workplace.  In large corporations with immense Human Resource departments, there are multi-chapter employee handbooks that spell out every expectation.  Resources to create these handbooks are often not available to smaller organizations.  However, there are important workplace policies that every office needs.  Here are four of the most important policies your organization should have:

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy.
A policy on unlawful harassment is critical for preventing such types of behavior in the workplace.  Sexual harassment and discrimination occur more often than we like to believe, so it’s important to make sure employees know that it will not be tolerated.  A good policy defines sexual harassment and discrimination, provides examples of inappropriate conduct, provides information on how and where to report issues, and defines what disciplinary measures will be taken.   

Work From Home Policy.
Work from home became a mainstream debate when Yahoo implemented a company policy banning the ability to work from home.  In today’s digitally connected world, it can be very easy to run an office or team remotely.  There are many teams that are able to accomplish organizational goals just fine from a home office.  However, there are also some teams that need to work together in person.  It all depends on what management thinks is best for the success of the company and the office culture.  No matter which way you lean on the issue, it’s important that you have a policy in place that governs in which situations employees can and can’t work from home. 

Social Media Policy.
Employees are your ambassadors and when coached correctly can assist in building your brand online.  There is no better advocate than a passionate employee. However, on the flip side, a dissatisfied employee online can destroy your reputation.  Therefore, it’s essential in this digital communication age to implement a social media workplace policy.  A social media policy should cover areas such as: your definition of social media, what’s acceptable and what’s not, and the consequences of violating the policy. 

Safety and Health Policy.
Employees are essential to the success of your organization, so it’s essential to keep them safe and healthy.  Safety policies define safety and emergency procedures and outline how employees should report work-related injuries.  Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, some regulations require employers to have specific policies and programs in place if certain workplace hazards are present (chemicals, machinery, etc.).  Visit OSHA.gov to determine which safety and health regulations your business may be required to follow.

By implementing these policies, you’ll ensure that your staff is well protected and equipped with the rules to follow in order to successfully do their job.

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