Preparing For Your Rookie Season

You finally landed the job you’ve been vying for, and you can’t wait to start the exciting new opportunity.  However, you’re starting to get a little nervous.  What if your coworkers don’t like you?  What if you don’t meet your new boss’s expectations?  You haven’t been the new kid on the block in quite a while, and you hate not knowing what’s in store.

5 Tips to Help You Make it Through Your Rookie Season at the Office

Pay Attention to Introductions
You’ll probably be rushed from one introduction to the next as you meet your new coworkers.  This can leave room for committing small social mistakes such as forgetting the person’s name right after they’re introduced.  Make it a point to pay extra attention when being introduced to people.  Smile, shake hands firmly, and repeat their name back to them.  This will ensure you heard them right and help commit the name to memory.  Politely say “goodbye” or it was nice to meet you” before walking away.

Take the initiative to meet people.
Make a strong effort to meet the people you don’t get introduced to.  Say hello in the hallway, kitchen, or on the elevator.  These people want to meet you, but they are busy and don’t have the time to come to you.  Start with the people that you’re working closely with.  Getting to know each other will be a benefit to both of you.  Getting you started off on the right foot should be of interest to them, since your work will affect theirs. 

Set expectations with your boss.
Sometime during your first week, make an appointment to meet with your boss.  Use this meeting to establish what they believe success will look like in the first week, month, three months, and six months.  This will ensure you are both on the same page and you know the goals you’re working towards.  Use these goals as key performance indicators to track how successful you feel you are at work. 

Get organized.
Since you’ll be receiving a lot of new information during your rookie period, being organized from the start will make your life easier.  Set up your workstation and make sure you have everything you need.  Make sure you can log on to your computer and that your voicemail is set up.  If there are extra supplies that you need, find out where those supplies are or how they can be ordered. Getting everything set up on your first day allows you to jump right into your work on the second day.

Learn the unspoken rules.
If you pay close attention to how people interact with each other in the office, it’ll be easy to spot the people who embody the company culture and are well respected.  Make one of those people your role model, and use them as an information source to learn the unspoken rules.  They’ll be able to help you adapt to the company culture and quickly earn the respect of your coworkers.  

Each company has unique rules surrounding simple things like coffee maker, fridge, and the kitchen utensils.  Who washes the dishes? Which shelves are communal?  Be a sponge and watch how other people are doing things.  It’s important to figure out the unwritten rules and how people react to different situations.

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