Don’t Forget to Conduct a Post-Interview Review with Your Hiring Team

In order to have an effective hiring process, collaboration among your interview committee is essential.  You need to get everyone’s honest feedback on each candidate and make sure the team comes to an agreement on which applicant is best for the job.  An easy way to do this is by conducting a post-interview review with your hiring team.

4 Steps to Conducting a
Successful Post-Interview Review

 Encourage honesty and open commentary.
You probably have a range of junior and senior level employees involved in the interview process.  Start the post-interview review by having junior level employees share their opinions on each of the candidates.  Having junior level employees give their input first ensures that they aren’t being influenced by what their senior counterparts have to say.  Emphasize to everyone that choosing who to hire is an important decision, and their honest feedback is needed.  Let employees know that this meeting is a safe place for their commentary and their opinions won’t be held against them.

Utilize a score card.
In order to make sure employees are judging candidates on the same qualities, make a scorecard to give to the hiring team before they begin interviewing.  This scorecard should include the most important aspects you’re looking for in a candidate.  Then, force all the interviewers to rank the candidates and make a recommendation based on their scores, who they would hire.  Using a score card ensures that the team is comparing and contrasting candidates based on clear values. 

Share first impressions.
Go around the table and allow each interviewer to share their first impressions about the candidates based on their interview with them.  What were they impressed by?  What concerned them?  What questions did the candidate ask? Did they seem well prepared?  Sharing these answers will allow the team to verify their own reactions to the applicants and see common themes.  If one person caught something that someone else didn’t, it’ll also shed light on those perspectives. 

Choose a few candidates to invite back for second interviews.
After everyone has shared their feedback, it should be pretty evident which interviewees stood out more than others. Narrow the candidate pool down to two or three candidates that were highly qualified for the job and received high scores from their interviewers.  Then, invite these candidates back for a second round of interviews.  During the next round of interviews, more than likely one of those three candidates will emerge as a favorite.

Taking the extra time to conduct a post-interview review creates cohesion in your hiring process and eliminates personal bias, which can lead to making a bad hire.

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