Graduating Soon? Here are 4 Job Search Tips!

In between studying for final exams and saying goodbye to the place you’ve spent some of the best years of your life at, your college graduation can be exhausting.  Not to mention, you still haven’t found a job yet. Not knowing what’s next can be overwhelming and scary. The job market is competitive and the economy is still recovering.  In order to stand out from all the other graduates in your field, you have to be creative and savvy in your job search.

4 Tips to Help Your
Post-Graduation Job Search

Get connected.
The quickest way to find a job after college is through your network.  Whether family, friends, professors, or past coworkers, the people in your network can tell you about new opportunities that you may not have seen elsewhere and can introduce you to their connections to help you get your foot in the door.  Today’s job search is heavily influenced by who you know.

Before beginning your job search, set up a LinkedIn page and make a detailed list of key contacts that may be able to assist you in your job-hunt. Reach out to a few of these contacts, explain what kind of job you’re looking for, and ask them to keep an eye out for any leads. Keep in continued communication with the people you connect with on LinkedIn and work to build a relationship with them.

Also be sure to look into joining your school’s alumni association.  Most alumni associations have networking events and job sites that will get you connected with other alumni in your field.

Join a professional development group.
According to a study by Dan Schawbel, a Forbes contributor and founder of Millennial Branding, only 22% of students belong to a professional development or industry-specific group.  Joining a professional group in your field automatically gives you an additional resource that 78% of your peers aren’t taking advantage of.  Professional groups give you access to established professionals in your field.  Connect with these professionals and form relationships that will be beneficial to your career.  Seek out a mentor and take any advice that they can give you. 

Keep an open mind.
More than likely your first job out of college is not going to be the dream job you’ve been vying for. The quicker you realize this, the more likely you are to land your first job.  When looking for your first job after graduation, be flexible.  Apply for various types of positions in your field and different jobs that require the same skills sets as the job you’d like to have.  While you might not get the job you originally wanted, you may get one that will give you the experience necessary to get that job.  Keeping an open mind will open the door to more possibilities and options, as well as more practice interviewing. 

Be okay with hearing “no”.
Your first job search is going to be tiring.  However, every position you apply for is a new opportunity and each application is a learning experience.  Rejection may be painful at first, but if you get into the mindset that the worst that can happen while job searching is being told “no”, you can fully take control of your career.  Email recruiters to follow up on applications, ask all the questions you want the answers to, ask local leaders in your industry out to lunch.  For every ten people that tell you no, there may be one that says yes.  That “yes” could lead to a job opportunity.  Apply for a few jobs each day and stay in touch with the contacts you make during the interview process. 

Not having any luck finding a job? Let the experienced team at BOS Staffing help fast track your post-graduate job search.   We guide job seekers through every step of the hiring process, from application to offer, and help them access the hidden job market – the jobs that never get posted.  We never rush candidates into a job, and we’ll work together until we find just the right match.  Contact us today to get started.

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