New to Job Hunting? Tips for Applying Online

Shuffling through pages of help wanted ads in the newspaper is a rare practice these days. Agencies and employers manage the recruitment process using internet advertising and web-based applicant tracking software.

If you’re preparing to conduct your first online job search, you’ll benefit from a few job hunting tips related to the electronic process.

Search Online and Apply Electronically

  • Use your favorite browser to search for jobs. When you find one you like, apply electronically.
  • Unless a job posting specifically requires that you mail or fax a paper resume or application, use the company’s electronic system if you want to be included as a viable candidate.
  • There are dozens of different applicant tracking systems and although you may run into the same system again, don’t be surprised if it’s configured differently.
  • It may take you a few extra minutes to figure out what to do, but by following specific instructions, your electronic resume has a better chance of being recognized.
  • If you become frustrated with the process, stick with it and resist the urge to send in a paper resume. Unfortunately, it could end up lost on someone’s desk until long after the job was filled by someone who went through proper channels.

Push your Resume to the Top of the List

  • Be sure that you are at least minimally qualified for the job before applying.
  • Whenever possible, answer every question asked on the electronic application.
  • Fill in all the blanks. Some systems may prevent you from continuing your application until all pertinent information has been entered.
  • Online recruiting software (tracking systems, etc.) have a built-in sorting function. Applications closely matching the job requirements usually sort to the top for viewing.
  • Recruiters look for candidates who best fit the job. This includes experience, education, ability to follow instructions, and completeness of information.

If you follow these simple suggestions, your resume is more likely to rise to the top and be seen.

Our offices are located in Athens and Gainesville, GA.  Contact the expert recruiters at BOS Staffing to assist you with your job search.

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