Jump Start your Job Search

Life often gets in the way of a productive job search. Work pressures in your current job, family obligations or social commitments can all have a grip on your time. Unfortunately, when a job search takes a back seat to everything else, it’s easy to miss a good opportunity.job search

When life doesn’t allow you enough time to focus on conducting a proper job search, working with a staffing agency can help relieve your frustration. An agency is on top of the market when you can’t be.

Staffing agencies work closely with employers to fill their open positions and are aware of the company’s specific needs. Jobs may include temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent positions.

A staffing agency will contact you when an opportunity arises. Sometimes a match happens very quickly and a candidate is sent out to an employer right away. Other times the process is much longer.

Although every agency and employer has its own policies and procedures, a candidate can typically expect that certain things will take place:

  • Candidates work with a recruiter or staffing manager who will identify your skill set and review your background. When a position opens that is appropriate to your experience, the agency will contact you to determine your interest level.
  • Once a recruiter has determined that there’s a potential fit between you and an employer your resume is forwarded to the hiring manager.
  • Since the hiring process varies from one employer to another next steps may vary. Those will be communicated to you by the recruiter or a member of the agency’s recruiting team
  • A staffing agency may conduct reference, background or other checks depending upon their agreement with the employer. In today’s market, candidates should always expect at minimum, their background and education will be verified.
  • If an employer is interested in hiring the candidate, the agency will be notified.
  • Communication about the job and interview status is between the agency and the employer. In turn, information will be passed on to the candidate by the agency.

Contact us to help you jump start your job search.  Our offices are located in Athens and Gainesville, GA.

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