Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Interviewing for a job, whether face to face, by phone, or video can be one of the most stressful aspects of getting the position you want. And in today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to prepare for any situation. What follows are some job interview tips on how to give yourself that edge over other applicants.

Before your interview, brush up on your knowledge about the company and try to anticipate questions the employer might ask—there are plenty of websites on the internet that give examples, often along with possible answers to help you. And don’t forget to consider any questions you might have, your interviewer will ask you if you have any near the end. Prepare, also, a list of examples that help to showcase your skills and abilities, and finally, find a family member or friend to help you hold a practice interview.

On the day of your interview, dress professionally, arrive early and make sure your cell phone is off. Bring with you several copies of your completed resume and references, notebook and pens, copies of letters of recommendation, licenses, certificates, transcripts, and a portfolio of work samples.

During the interview, greet the employer with a firm handshake, make frequent eye contact, listen intently and don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if a question confuses you. Answer as directly as possible, being honest, positive and enthusiastic in your statements. And don’t forget to smile! At the end, request a business card, thank your interviewer, and shake hands.

Send a thank you note two or three days later—this helps to remind the employer of who you are and gives you additional opportunity to refresh his or her memory with your available skills.

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