A Few Truths about Managing Employees

Whether you’ve been a manager for a while or are just transitioning to a management role, managing a dynamic group of employees is not an easy task.  You’ll try many different methods of managing different personality types, and some will work while others don’t.  However, the quicker you realize the below truths, the better you’ll be able to get a grasp on what it takes to be a successful manager.

  1. Your actions matter more than your words.
    Though you may not realize it, when you’re a manager you’re leading by example.  Your daily actions, reactions, and routines are constantly being notice and judged by your team.  If you want your employees to be successful, you have to be a good role model and be transparent about your expectations.  Being authentic and a hard worker is the quickest way to gain the respect of your employees.
  2. Not everyone is going to like you.
    It’s human nature to want to be liked.  However, you have to realize that just because you’re the boss, not everyone is going to be thrilled with what you have to say.  As a manager you have to have a thick skin.  There will be times when you’ll have to discipline employees, and there will be rough waters.  Humble confidence is crucial during these times.
  3. Constant communication is a must.
    Having an open door policy when it comes to communication is crucial to the success of your employees and your business.  It’s your goal as a manager to make sure employees feel comfortable and know they can come to you with their questions or concerns at any time.  Creating this trust is a key to being a great manager. 
  4. You have to listen to your employees.
    There’s no use in promoting an open-door policy, if you’re not going to listen to what your employees have to say.  Hone in on your sensory skills to key into not just what your employees are telling you, but the things they aren’t telling you as well.  If you tune into your surroundings you’ll be able to tell how engaged and motivated your employees are.  Make sure to provide timely explanations and solutions to their questions and concerns. 
  5. Evaluate your expectations.
    You can’t expect your employees to be automatic rock-stars. Good things take work.  Make sure your expectations are realistic and that you clearly communicate what is expected of your employees.  A little positive reinforcement, combined with trial and error will help you build a motivated, engaged team that strives to exceed your expectations. 

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