Consider Temporary Employment During the Holidays

As we reach the middle of December, the most expensive—uh, wonderful—time of year has arrived.  With presents to buy and decorations to be hung, most of our bank accounts are taking a hit.  However, the holiday season also brings a surge of seasonal job opportunities. This year across the United States, retailers expect to hire 700,000 seasonal workers to ramp up their staff during the holiday season.  Amazon alone hired 70,000 temporary employees to handle their rush season from late October to early January.  A seasonal job can offer a win-win opportunity to try out a new company or industry, hone in on your job skills, and provide supplemental income during these busy months.  These opportunities don’t just occur in the retail industry.  Here are a few of the highest paid seasonal job opportunities.

Marketing Coordinator
Many businesses hire a marketing coordinator during the last quarter of the year to handle seasonal events and promotions.  When it’s busy season for retailers, it’s also crunch time for the marketers handling their accounts.  Marketing coordinators develop and execute marketing strategies, lead event, research partnership prospects for events, and handle related marketing tasks.  A seasonal marketing coordinator earns a median of $52 an hour according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Seasonal Recruiter
In order to handle the hiring and management of thousands of temporary employees, many large companies also have to hire seasonal recruiters.  This position usually begins a little earlier in the Fall before recruiting efforts begin and lasts through January.  Seasonal recruiters pre-screen and interview applicants, as well as handle the legal paperwork during the hiring influx.  They make on average $25 an hour.

Production Designer
Companies that offer custom photo products, such as Shutterfly, hire on extra production designers to handle the volume of orders.  A production designer works with customers on the layout, editing, and submission of their web orders.  Temporary production designers average around $21 an hour.

Social Media Assistant
Many businesses also ramp up their social media usage during the holiday months.  They use platforms to advertise products and deals and monitor customer feedback.  A social media assistant earns around $17 an hour to help with digital outreach.

Tax Site Manager
Although unrelated to the holiday present rush, December is usually when companies start hiring in their accounting department to start preparing their taxes.  A site manager oversees tax services on the tax preparation website, and ensures that tax returns have been prepared accurately.  This position pays an average of $19 an hour.

Operations Professional
Many retailers hire on seasonal operations professionals to help manage a surge in their customer service related calls.  Job duties include answering customer calls, providing support to customers, and handling related tasks to ensure the customer is satisfied with their purchase.  A seasonal operations professional averages around $17 an hour.


A seasonal job is a great opportunity to add new skills to your resume, test out a company and get your foot in the door for a full-time opportunity.  It’s not too late to land a temporary job this holiday season.  The recruiters at BOS Staffing can help find that perfect position to gain experience and bridge the gap between full-time employment.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

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