How to Become a Leader in Your Office

In order to take your career to new heights, it’s essential to develop leadership skills.  This can be challenging when you’re not in a management position, bearing a senior title.  Whether you aspire to be a CEO at an international company or an entrepreneur, it’s important that you position yourself as a leader in the workplace without being overly obnoxious about your ambitions. Here are a few ways to let your power and confidence shine, and gain respect in the eyes of your company’s leaders.

Take Responsibility.
In order to be seen as a leader, you have to own the work you’re producing.  That means if you’re working on a project and something goes wrong, you have to take responsibility for the failure.  Everyone makes mistakes in the workplace.  Being able to admit to your mistakes and learn from them is a quality of a leader.  This also means taking on more responsibilities when they are available.  Offer to help out where needed and pick up projects that nobody else wants.

Have a Positive Attitude.
Make it a point not to be negative in the workplace.  People in an organization gravitate towards the team members that exude positive energy. They’ll look to them for reassurance and inspiration.  Never underestimate the power of positive influence you have on the people around you.  If you believe in win-win, this thinking will become infectious, and you’ll be respected as a leader.

Take Risks.
Step outside your comfort zone and try new things.  Leaders must take risks, even if that means you may end up looking foolish at times. If you notice a certain process isn’t working, turn the process completely on its back and try something else.  If you don’t take risks, you’ll never learn what works and what doesn’t.

Learn from Criticism.
The same people that look to you for inspiration for workplace solutions will also be the ones that offer their criticism when your plan doesn’t work.  Be open to this constructive feedback.  Even though it can be hard to accept negative feedback from others, these suggestions and ideas are important. Criticism allows you to identify your weaknesses and come up with a plan to better yourself.  Constant feedback gives you fuel for new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Give it Your All.
Give 120 percent effort every day at work.  Give ideas. Pour out your thoughts. Construct plans.  After you give all of your ideas, you’ll be forced to come up with new ones.  Part of being a leader is the ability to open up and feel vulnerable.  The more ideas you put in, the more input you’ll get back.  You’ll have to participate and share more of who you are with your coworkers, in order to stand out and become more visible as a leader.

Build Relationships with Senior People.
If you really want to be a leader, surround yourself with other leaders.  Engage with the people above you. This means building relationships with your executives and other senior level employees.  It’ll help increase your confidence and decrease intimidation.  Look at these people as equals and recognize the value of having them as advocates supporting you.

Now is the time to build your own self-confidence and put your stake in the ground as you begin a journey into leadership.  If you’re currently looking for an opportunity to be a leader, BOS Staffing can help find that perfect career.  With both temporary and direct hire openings, we make it easy to land the job you want.  Contact us today to get started.

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