Obamacare 50 Employee Limit Threatening Your Small Business?

Staffing provides growing companies flexibility to stay under those limits.

Businesses with the equivalent of 50 or more full-time employees may face fines in 2015 if they don’t provide full-time workers with affordable health insurance that meets certain standards.

As we approach 2015 and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), many small businesses are debating the economics of adding additional health insurance costs for their entire workforce or paying federal fines.  In many cases, it may make sense for a company to utilize a staffing firm to avoid exceeding the 50 employee level and triggering the mandated health insurance coverage.

Outsourcing that 50th, 51st, and so on employee can save the organization as a whole a tremendous amount in insurance premiums or federal fines while allowing the firm to continue growing and expanding as opportunities in the market allow.  At some point each owner may decide they’ve reached that point where it is feasible to add health insurance for all of their employees, but this option gives flexibility until they are certain of their growth.  If the growth is not sustained and the workforce requirements shrink, then the firm has not committed itself to health insurance in the future.

If your business is facing these challenges, BOS can help:

  • Worried about exceeding 50 employees?
  • Unsure of the future growth of your company?  Perhaps there is a need for additional help right now, but you are unsure it will last.  Once you cross that 50 employee line and begin offering insurance it is difficult to go back.

NOW is the time to address this because 2014 employee counts determine the requirement to provide insurance or pay penalties in 2015.

About Us

BOS Staffing, founded in 1979 is a family owned business headquartered in Athens, GA.  The firm has found success in following its clients to multiple states and now has employees working in 4 time zones.

The firm serves clients in a wide spectrum of placement areas including:

•    Admin/Clerical
•    Accounting/Finance
•    Legal
•    Industrial
•    Call Centers
•    Medical

The firm’s clients have been surveyed three times by Open Ratings, Inc., a division of Dun & Bradstreet, each time with scores in the 90’s and ranking among the Top 20% of Staffing Services Nationwide.  Management takes great pride in the relationships developed with clients that these rankings represent.

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